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Yannick AARON

Yannick Aaron, real name Yannick Lof was born in Fontainebleau near Paris in 1985. He discovered graffiti in 1997 in the wastelands of the Paris region.

Self-taught, he develops, thanks to the techniques acquired during his years of graffiti, a unique and recognizable style based on the use of geometric shapes and chromatic variations, the subjects as for them, are strongly inspired by the pop art movement. Constructivism, Pop Art and graffiti, the artist likes to evoke a vision, memories, or popular icons, in an unusual and original way.

Yannick Aaron creates, using different techniques such as spray paint, acrylic, oil, glaze, airbrush, complex compositions in which colors and geometry interact, creating a destructured puzzle revealing materials, reliefs, play of light and transparency.

Fascinated by contrasts and different cultures, he spends a large part of his time in Poznan, Poland.

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